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Storage Information
After opening the bottle, camel milk should be refrigerated between 2-8 deg Celsius and consumed within 3-5 days.Camel milk can be stored in a frozen condition for more than 2 months.

How it Tastes
Due to higher mineral and vitamin content, you might find it a little salty. Surprised you might get, but there is nothing to worry! Due to logistic movements and seeming nature of the camel milk products, separation of fat globules might be evident. Just shake it up and luxuriate in the wholesome taste of this nectar of God.
If the smell becomes foul and pungent, please discard the milk. This is one of the main identifications that the milk has become rancid. Pungent odour is a sign of poor quality camel milk. It’s highly unadvisable to consume spoilt camel milk.

Specially packaged and sealed, camel milk have minerals and vitamins milked from conscientiously raised camels which are fed on a rich natural diet without any artificial means to enhance lactating efficiency. The raw camel milk is extracted and pasteurized delicately by High Temperature Short Time method, so that the taste stays intact along with its nutritional and medicinal values, and also to safeguard the milk from any contamination due to pathogens present in raw milk. The pure camel milk products reaches you in uniquely designed.

During HTST pasteurization, the milk is heated to a very high temperature and then it is cooled instantly. This kills most of the germs and antibodies due to sudden variation in temperature while keeping all the benefits and taste intact. And since it has been pasteurized, it doesn’t need to be heated again. From centuries, many civilizations have savoured the benefits of camel milk and camel milk products. But urban areas have been unable to procure the milk due to geological barriers. Now, camel milk is just a phone call away. Let us know how much you require and we will deliver it at your doorstep. Our staff makes sure that you get the freshest camel milk, so you could savor its richness in any possible way you want.